Sean Redmond

Sean Redmond is a Professor of Screen and Design in the School of Communication and Creative Arts in Deakin University’s Faculty of Arts and Education.
Sean’s research interests include: stardom and celebrity; genre studies, and science fiction cinema; film authorship; film sound; film and affect; Asian Cinema; and whiteness studies.

Sean utilises various forms of empirical methods in his research including eye tracking, autoethnography, and the ‘storying the self’ method.

Project Highlights

Memories That Make Us: Storying Post WW2 Italian Migration to Victoria. In partnership with
The innovative approach of this $250,000 funded empirical project is that it begins the process of gathering the stories of migrants in their own words by collecting, sharing and archiving the memories of Italian immigrants now aged 70 and over. These individual and collective Post-World War Two memories of Italians making Victoria their ‘home’ have rarely been told, and given the age of our participants, urgently need to be. The project’s outputs include an interactive website and feature length documentary.

The Ethics of AI in Science and Fiction
Helen Young, Thao Phan, Evie Kendal, Leonard Hoon, and Sean Redmond have been awarded a Deakin Science and Society Network (SSN) Interdisciplinary Establishment Grant to explore ethical questions and moral dilemmas in the work of AI in Science and Fiction. The group will run a virtual seminar with leading AI thinkers from the UK; deliver an AI ethics panel during the Melbourne Knowledge week; run a podcast series that is set in the near future; and will organise a three day, multi-site symposium where AI will be explored through a series of scenario-based encounters.

The Loneliness Room Project
The overall aim of the loneliness room project is to shine a poetic light on where, when and how loneliness is encountered, providing a new canvass with which to greet it. In sharing everyday stories of loneliness the project seeks to raise the awareness of what loneliness constitutes. The Outputs and Artworks will include:
1. The loneliness room neon installation
2. Series of Fifty, One Minute ‘Loneliness Room’ Videos sent in from around the World
3. The Loneliness Room Exhibition (12-16 international artists)
4. The Loneliness Room Website

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