Phillip Roos

Phillip is the Director of the Live+Smart Research Laboratory, and Associate Head of School – Industry Engagement at the School of Architecture and Built Environment at Deakin University.

Phillip is known internationally as a leader in Environmental Design and has been working as a design professional and architect for 30 years on an extensive range of large-scale projects in Europe, Africa and Australasia.

Phillip’s work spans architecture, urban design and planning, landscape architecture, environmental design, teaching and research, as well as writings and art.

His research interests centre on the human–nature relationship and the identification of optimised design processes based on a regenerative-adaptive pattern language theory. This approach incorporates the principles of biophilia and regenerative design as well as an adaptive pattern language that re-establishes our wholeness with nature and considers the vulnerabilities of a changing landscape. His work is influenced by whole systems thinking and his application of environmental design is closely related to the ordering of the large-scale aspects of the environment by means of architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, urban design and ecological planning

Project Highlights

  • Heal the Scar – Regeneration of exhausted mine sites and surrounding communities 
  • Liveable & Smart Melton
  • Coastal Scenario Planning Model – Great Ocean Road Coast Committee 
  • Creating Healthy Places – Biophilic Design of Railway Stations 
  • Design for Enhanced Learning in Modular Classrooms through Biophilic Design
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