Meghan Kelly

Meghan is a Senior Lecturer in Screen and Design in the School of Communication and Creative Arts in Deakin University’s Faculty of Arts and Education.

Meghan is a visual communication designer whose experience includes working in the advertising and design industry and running her own design studio.

Meghan’s research interests include identity creation and representation in a cross-cultural context. Her research focus is in place branding, community building, engagement and the global impact of design.

Project Highlights

International Indigenous Design Charter

  • This award winning document is now being used in professional practice. As industry adopts the 10 step best practice protocols aligned with the document this research continues to examine the impact and efficiencies of the principles of ethical and appropriate consultation and engagement with Indigenous knowledges.
  • 2018 Australian Good Design Awards (Inaugural Indigenous Design Award), 2018 Victorian Premier Design Awards (Design Strategy and 2018 Award of the Year), 2019 Vice Chancellor Award (Outstanding Contribution to Community Engagement) Deakin University.

Kelabit Community Museum Project

  • This project, which ran for a 5 year period in the Kelabit Community based in the Highlands of Borneo, culminated in a recently published book: Sweet, J., & Kelly, M. (2019). Museum development and cultural representation: Developing the Kelabit Highlands Community Museum. Ashgate Impact, London.

Participatory Design Practice

  • Leading on from the industry adoption of the International Indigenous Design Charter, the process of participatory design practice can be re-evaluated and levels of commitment interrogated. This research aims to examine the current understanding of participatory design and structure a new way to discuss this methodology and stakeholder engagement.
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