Julianne Lynch

Julianne is an Associate Professor of Education (Curriculum and Pedagogy) in the School of Education in Deakin University’s Faculty of Arts and Education.

Julianne’s research interests include curriculum innovation, with a particular emphasis on the interface between new digital technologies and the institutions of formal education. This research draws on ethnographic methods and socio-cultural theories of practice to inquire of and theorise new practices, and to investigate opportunities for developing new pedagogies and improving inclusion of, and outcomes for, disadvantaged and marginalized learners.

Julianne’s work has produced transdisciplinary frameworks for rethinking the curricularisation of everyday technology practice and for better affirming and supporting teacher- and student-led innovation. The transdisciplinary nature of her research brings relevance to diverse subjects (e.g. mathematics, literacy, history, science, civics).

Project Highlights

  • Kids Teaching Teachers Digital Technology, 2019-2021, DATA#3, J Lynch, G Aranda & K Hill
  • Inspiring Young Marine Science Experts – Stewards of Swan Bay, 2018-2020, Port Phillip Bay Fund, A Bellgrove, J Lynch, P Frances, T Matthews, J Mondon & N Sadler
  • Evaluation of NISA project: Supporting implementation of Digital Technologies Curriculum, 2017-2020, ACARA, J Lynch, J O’Mara, A Cloonan, G Auld & S Speldewinde
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