Anne Scott Wilson

Anne Scott Wilson is a Lecturer in Art and Performance at Deakin University, member of the Art and Architecture research group #VacantGeelong. She sustains a solo art practice, curates and devises projects with colleagues at various Universities. Anne is a Committee Member of the Wyndham Council’s Art and Heritage Portfolio in 2018/19. She is a recipient in 2018 of an Australia Council for the Arts Development Grant which has facilitated research with ARS Electronica and has received grants and residencies from Government Funding bodies, and philanthropic organisations. She received her PhD from Monash University in 2009 titled ‘Memory, Motion and imagination: an investigation into the subjective experience of studio practice.’
Anne’s core activities include public art (commissions) and solo and group exhibitions in commercial and public galleries in Australia and Europe. Her research interests are embedded in her previous experience as a dancer and choreographer investigating the nexus between performance and visual art. As a performer Anne worked in the Queensland Ballet Company briefly in the Corps. Working commercially throughout Asia and New Zealand her research interest is influenced by the ageing dancer phenomenon. When the body remembers a language that can no longer be performed, how can the embodied memory of dance be lived out?
Her interest in the dance and memory has extended into Artificial Intelligence, considering how data is harvested from humans, questioning how that which cannot be measured truncates identity. Considering the effects of de industrialisation and permeation of new technologies in day to day life, she curates/devises projects like ‘Sounding Histories’ with colleague Cameron Bishop. This project brought artists and performers in a research programme spanning 9 months to draw out often overlooked and hidden histories coinciding with the famous Mission to Seafarer’s (Docklands Melbourne 100th anniversary as the organisation transformed to become a Museum (in part). Working with artists whose knowledge, skills and sensitivities reflect the world in new ways, the project brought together punk rock, sound art, alternative education, social participation, installation, sculpture and new technologies.
Anne’s solo work is represented by Conny Dietzschold gallery in Sydney, Hong Kong and Cologne. Her work is held in collections, public and private in Australia and internationally. Her solo, collective and curatorial practices share a symbiotic relationship in exploring the physical world to seek out and draw attention to that which cannot be measured, to both celebrate and explore the depths and dimensionality of experience within the human condition.

Project Highlights

‘Seeing not Looking’ at ARS Electronica 40th year festival, a book chapter for a Palgrave MacMillan publication collection titled ‘How the project ‘seeing not looking’ metaphorically demonstrates tensions between technology and humans in post 9/11 culture.’ In Drone Warfare and cultural practices since 9/11

Reveal our city: Beehive – a collaborative project with Geelong City Council, ARS Electronica Australia and myself for Geelong After Dark launching the Beehive Geelong App, a live performance and site responsive installation.

‘Ghost in the Machine’ presentation at Bodies of Knowledge symposium exploring the push and pull between Artificial and Human intelligence through a creative project using automated drone cameras, dancers and video. Integration of new technologies into my practice has been funded by the Australia Council for the Arts in a development grant.

I am currently working on a project in our research team #VacantGeelong with colleague Cameron Bishop using the same technology developed for ‘Seeing Not Looking’ – this will be a film and a live performance of a young choir at the Geelong Art Centre Deakin Symposium to celebrate their new facilities and our relationship with Geelong Art Centre.

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