Research Funding: September 2019

During August 2019, UserX network members submitted requests for amounts to fund pilot projects which contribute to UserX objectives. In September 2019, a total of more than $40,000 was awarded to a number of successful pilot submissions. Pilot projects include some of those identified on the UserX website projects page and they have one or more of the following broad characteristics:

1. Raising prospective industry partner awareness of a user issue and Deakin’s capacities to work with that partner to solve it, with the prospect of securing commitments from that partner to support further Deakin research.

2. Research into user challenges that cover one or more matters relating to social, hedonic, or utilitarian value, with the prospect of securing partner commitments to support further Deakin research.

3. Testing of a potential solution to user needs/challenges, with the prospect of securing partner commitments to support further Deakin research.


3D Printing: 30th May 2019

Run by Stefan Greuter, Gerard Mulvany, Serin Jameson, Jack Parry, & Noel Richards.

3D printing is a great way to turn creative ideas into prototypes and tangible artefacts and getting started with 3D printing has never been so easy. This half day workshop provided an introduction to 3D modelling software, discussed common print settings, provided insights by other staff about their experiences and discussed how to post process 3D prints.

Video Annotation of Embodied Skills/ Tacit Knowledge for Teaching and Learning: 10th June 2019

Run by Scott deLahunta, Olivia Millard & Stefan Greuter.

This workshop dealt with the practice of video annotation in the context of teaching and learning, particularly where it involves education in physical, social and performative skills. The workshop provided a hands-on opportunity to work with existing annotation tools and stimulated discussion of shared concerns relating to embodied skills/ tacit knowledge education.

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