Inspiring User Interactions With Digital Technologies


UserX is a collaborative research network, partnering with government and industry to better enable humans in a world transformed by technology.

UserX aims to create better user experiences to help solve the challenges of rapid technology advances. Our research capabilities focus on users: knowing, engaging, & enabling them. UserX collaborates across disciplines, technologies & research methods to deliver value to users & our industry partners.


While rapidly advancing technologies can positively transform and enhance our lives, our contemporary human/technology partnerships are not always optimal:

  • Computer-enabled tools can be unsophisticated, and interfaces don’t always provide effective and natural forms of human communication;
  • Technologies can become attention ‘sink holes’ and social isolators;
  • Automation can reduce users’ control over tasks, be less stimulating and engaging, and, at the same time, increase users’ technology dependence.

These problems can only be addressed through interdisciplinary collaboration that is focused on the interactions and relationships that users have with technology. We believe that developing more user-centred systems can provide untapped opportunities: to increase engagement, learning, productivity, and creativity; to better manage risk, and to deliver superior customer service.

Our user-centric research focus is underpinned by three values below

Social Value

knowing users & their needs through co-design & user journey analytics

Hedonic Value

engaging users in stimulating, seamless, playful, & creative experiences

Utilitarian Value

enabling users through mixed reality learning & interaction environments


UserX brings together cross-technology expertise which private & public sector partners cannot commonly access in-house.

Deakin’s already well-established labs and research centres provide UserX partners with access to an unrivalled spread and depth of expertise in contemporary and emerging digital technologies. By bringing these capabilities together collaboratively and undertaking research at human-technology interfaces, UserX raises the possibilities of finding hitherto unthought of solutions to user challenges.

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